Venture Capital

Joint Effects is a closely-held venture firm based in the Boston area, dedicated to finance and business transformation driven by emerging technologies. Our primary focus is on driving the digital transformation of essential services, fintech, deep tech, Web 3.0, and health technology.

Our portfolio consists of over 30 companies located in the United States, Finland, Canada, and Austria. We prioritize companies that demonstrate a strong founder-market fit and have achieved annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeding $1 million.

Collaboration lies at the core of our investment philosophy. We work closely with a network of venture firms in the Northeast, Silicon Valley, Northern Europe, and other regions, fostering strategic alliances and co-investing with like-minded partners. Through this extensive network, our portfolio companies gain access to additional capital and a wealth of expertise.

At Joint Effects, we value ambitious ideas presented in a straightforward manner. We seek partnerships with visionary entrepreneurs who share our drive for success.

Ambition with clarity and execution