Joint Effects

Venture Capital

Joint Effects LLC is a venture firm headquartered in the Boston area. Our investment focus spans diverse industries, including digital transformation of essential services, fintech, deep tech, and health tech. With a portfolio of over 20 companies across the United States, Finland, Canada, and Austria, we actively pursue new opportunities, even amidst challenging market conditions. 

We prioritize companies that demonstrate a proven founder-market fit and achieve recurring revenue exceeding USD 1 million. Collaborating closely with venture firms in the Northeast, Silicon Valley, Texas, and Northern Europe, we lead rounds and co-invest with other investors, fostering a robust network to support the growth of promising startups in our portfolio.

Our Portfolio Companies

Joint Effects has successfully invested over $30 million in capital across its portfolio companies in North America and Northern Europe. Our diverse portfolio consists of more than 25 high-potential investments in sectors such as realty management, logistics, consumer services, enterprise cybersecurity, health tech, fintech, and web3. We actively support companies that are leveraging machine learning and digital platforms to drive innovation and transformative impact in their respective industries.

Joint Effects is open for business